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Change to Squad Training Timetable (4 June 2018)


These changes have been made to provide additional capacity across the development squads. For some time weíve had a situation whereby swimmers may be ready progress to the next squad, but there isnít the capacity to do so.

As we canít get additional pool time at Xcite Bathgate, the only way the club can address this issue is to ensure we maximise the pool time currently available at the Xcite, St Kentigernsí Academy and Armadale Academy pools.

Each squad will have the same amount of pool time as they have in the current timetable. However the venue for some of the Bronze, Adult Improvers and Masters squad training sessions has changed. The Tadpole timetable is unchanged.

Members of the committee and the coaching team will be available on Friday 25th May from 6.30-7.30pm, on the balcony should you have any questions or wish to discuss the new timetable.

We trust this makes sense but should you have any questions in the meantime, please e-mail BASCSecretary@outlook.com

BASC Management Committee

Bathgate Vision & Values Draft Document Members Feedback Requested:

The Management Committee of the Bathgate Amateur Swimming Club has recently drafted a document setting out the vision, values and principles of the club. This sets out what the club is about and helps guide how it is run. This document doesnít set out to change what the club is about but to does aim to capture important principles about the club.

We are therefore opening up a consultation period before a final version of the document, taking on board any feedback, is ratified at the June 2018 committee meeting. We would therefore like all adult members of the club to read the document and where appropriate discuss it with their young athletes.

We would then welcome any feedback you have through a survey which you can access below. This survey is an important part of the consultation and we would like as many people involved with the club to complete it as soon as possible. You can also provide any feedback direct to the club secretary at BASCSecretary@outlook.com or club President at BASCPresident@outlook.com.

Thanks in advance for your feedback
BASC Management Committee

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