BASC TADPOLES CHAMPIONSIP 2010 - Friday 26th November 2010
Tank 1
1st Callum D'Arcy 15 Points  
2nd Cameron D'Arcy 14 Points  
3rd Aiden McGowan 13 Points  
Runners Up: Kristy Fleming, Becky McLean, Jenna Millar, Ella Hossack, Jack Tennant, 
  Cara Brookes  
Tank 2
1st Cameron Stirling 18 Points  
2nd Andrew Bell 11 Points  
3rd Peter Gray 10 points  
Runners Up: Ryan Fleming, Fraser MacLean, Adam Marr, Harrison Johnston, Blair McAlpine
  Laurie Elliot  
Tank 3
1st Caitlin Drummond 15.5 Points  
2nd Louise MacKay 14.5 Points  
3rd Emily Crighton 12 Points  
Runners Up: Sophie McMillan, Allie McLean, Molly Glen, Kyle Drysdale, Cairan Moran, 
  Jo Mallace, Daniella Miller  
Tank 4
1st Amy Connelly 18 Points  
2nd Aidan Davies 13 Points  
3rd= Henry Forehand 7 Points  
3rd= Mhairi McAlpine 7 Points  
3rd= Elish McLauchlan 7 Points  
Runners Up: Grant Cameron, Rachel Linn, Christie Lennon  
Tank 5
1st Jerrica Learmonth 17 Points  
2nd Molly McIntosh 13 Points  
3rd Cameron McLean 11 Points  
Runners Up: Connor Davies, Mairi McIntosh, Kieren Davies, Jennifer Houston, Rory Elliot
All swimmers will receive an award.
All prizes will be presented at the club presentation disco on 15 Jan 2011 at the Cairn Hotel